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Back to the 50's Campgrounds

How do I get a campsite?

There are no camping entitlements at back to the 50s.  If you camped last year it does not entitle you to a spot this year

1. Send your information into one of the campground email addresses.  You can only apply to one of the campgrounds.



If you apply to both we will pick one for you.

The information needed to get a campsite.  Name, complete address, cell phone number, email address, MSRA member number, total camper length, type (motorhome, trailer, pop up trailer, pickup camper, tent) and if the camper has slide outs.

2. All applicants for campsites must be a registered "Back to the 50's" participant.

3. Only apply for one campsite per family.  If you need a second campsite you will need to have the second family or family member apply.  Multiple applications can go to the same email address but they must be replied to individually.  For example: your email address has two family's using it.  You will receive one application email and you will reply for the first family and then you will reply again for the second family member.

4. February 19th at approximately 8:00 pm. we will send an application email to the email address you supplied.  When you receive your email application you will need to reply to the email with your name and additional camper names that will be staying in your camper.

5. The returned emails will be numbered in the order received.

6. We will then start placing campers by the number assigned, using the following criteria:

a. Camper size - We will be placing campers in a spot that fits the camper.  Some spots will not have space for more than the camping vehicle to park in them.  There are no camping entitlements at back to the 50s.  If you camped last year it does not entitle you to a spot this year.

Campers are assigned spots based on the camper size.  If you updated your camper since you provided us the camper information you will need to send a separate email to the correct email address, explaining that you have a new camping unit.  Be sure to include the total length (fully extended) and if it has slide outs.  We can only make changes to the camping unit before we assign the camp spots.

b. Last year’s location - If you stayed with us last year and the spot you camped in is open when your line location number is reached and your camper fits the placement criteria we will most likely place you in that spot.  Unless you send a separate email to the correct email address, asking for an alternate spot, or other general location, you would like to camp near.

6. After all the campsites are full we will send an invoice email and you will have 14 days to send a check to the PO Box.  All returned checks will have an additional $35.00 fee added.

7. Campsite numbers will be given at check-in.

9. All camping units must be in the campgrounds on Thursday, there will not be any campers parked after 8:00 PM Thursday.

​There are no refunds on camping.