Back to the 50's Campgrounds



update - 5/27/15

Both campgrounds are now full, we will see all the campers in a couple of weeks.

update - 4/28/14

The north campground is full, there are a couple of spots open in the south campground.  These spots are large and are not good for tents.  If you are interested in one of these sites contact the south campground –

update - 3/25/14

The invoices for both campgrounds have gone out, if you did not receive an invoice please email the campground you applied in and we can check on the status of your invoice.

There will be another informational email going out early June that will include items needed for entering the campgrounds June 19th, this email will also tell whether your site has access to power (south campground).

update 2/26/15

We are working to get the camp spots assigned, we estimate this will be completed by the end of March.  If you are assigned a spot you will receive an email with an invoice.  Campers will have 14 days to get a check sent to the provided address.  After 14 days the site will be offered to the next applicant on the waiting list.

update - 2/19/15

The application emails were sent out at 8:00 pm central time tonight.

update - 2/15/15

The second test email was sent out tonight.

update - 1/19/15

The January email was sent out tonight 1/19.  If you did not receive an email send an email to or and we can look into the trouble.  Another test email will go out in early February.

If you are looking to get a camping spot at the 2015 Back to the 50s, click the how do I get a campsite link to the left.